Refund Policy

If you register your online at Quran Host for yourself or for your kid's as a student, you will agree on the following Terms of Service and Conditions:

We offer refund of the whole amount if the student withdraws before the start of classes. But once the classes are confirmed and you have one class then the refund is not entertained. If we fail to provide you the classes for any reason form our side and you have paid the fee already, then we will refund you the amount after deducting the refund fee.

If you hold classes for some reason then the balance can be transferred for the next month's classes only. If the refund cost is more than the fee then we do not offer the refund in such case. Fee includes the public holidays as well.


About Us

Tadrees-ul-Quran is a one of the biggest and most reliable online Quran tutor academy on internet with enormous experience of Quran teaching online and having a lot number of satisfied students all over the World.

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